Light-Life Platform

Light-Life Platfrom

The Light-Life is a unifying platform that empowers customers to have the ultimate service experience.

Personal Assistance

Immediate knowledge of venue and offerings

Product information

Social Media

Mobile payments

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Light-Life Platfrom

Blue Nova has developed patented technology to help us reach our objectives to driving customer satisfaction and providing World Class service to all businesses. Our new technology that we are introducing into the marketplace was designed and tailored to solve problems business face today and tomorrow.

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Light-Life Platfrom

Greet your customer with a digital menu of your products and services. Give your customers the power to order products or customer services from the palm of their hands. An interconnected atmosphere will allow users to track loyalty points, message other users, pay tabs, gift products to other users and find friends in a large or crowded venue. Our technology uses micro-location to locate, deliver, and inform customers on products and services in real-time; that auto load upon entry. Sale what customers want with Analytic’s, drive higher customer satisfaction for the on demand customer.

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Blue Nova Technology, LLC – Light-Life Platform

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