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Blue Nova Technology

Founded in Chicago, Blue Nova Technology’s mission is to become the world leader in mobile, web, wearable technology, innovation and an information technology solution provider. We seek opportunities to embrace technology in our daily lives and across different industries with the Light-Life Mobile Platform.

Blue Nova Technology, L.L.C develops wearable devices with integrated Web & Mobile Applications tailored to specific markets, marketing solutions, increase customer behavior knowledge and an Information Technology Solutions Provider. The Light-Life Platform and Application, Patented, will streamline the process of how and where our users spend their time getting access to services or products they want in real-time via mobile and/or wearable devices.

We feel our goals are one in the same with your business. We are committed to improving the customer experience through convenience, accuracy of orders, and timely delivery of products and services. Blue Nova Technology, L.L.C strongly supports your firm by providing you a world class information technology service at a competitive price.

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