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The Light-Life mobile application is an enterprise software platform, designed to help your business deliver the ultimate interactive in-store customer experience to your valued customers. Light-Life will enable your customers to open, track and close a running tab, along with requesting services all from their mobile device, while providing your business with key insights and real-time information that can be used to boost sales, loyalty and effectiveness of marketing campaigns, with the ability to locate any product, services or customer within venue boundaries. Contact us for more details, Sign Up for Free or Subscribe to the Light-Life Platform.


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Light-Life Provides Your Business With The Tools To:

    • Increase customer engagement through real-time interactions, creating win-win scenarios; locate any customer in your venue within 2-3ft 
    • Tailor effective marketing and media campaigns based on customer preferences; know your customers as they walk in.
    • Allow customers to make purchases from their mobile, personal devices while in-store or curb-side.
    • Increase Table Turnover rates.
    • Build higher customer satisfaction rates.
    • Increase customer loyalty base.
    • Reduced time to close and process customers orders
  • EMV-Chip transaction capable with touchless and contactless in-application payments.

No QR codes, Table Numbers or Lines needed

*The Light-Life platform and mobile system are patented. (#10,163,094 B2)

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